"Whilst you look at the current charts, it is clear to see that these three have more talent than anything on the top forty,"

By Cameron Knibbs|May 18th 2020

Featured Image Credit: Tom Berridge

Artio - All Things End|Review

Artio are a Leeds-based band who have quickly established themselves as synth, alt-pop masters. Their Ep, Backbone, has yielded the band honours from BBC Introducing, with Scissor Kill receiving airplay on BBC Radio 6. With their dark melodies, the lyricism does not shy away from important issues, such as mental health and toxic relationships. 


The trio, comprising of Hol Brazill, Ieuan Jones, and Rob Arkle, continue to demonstrate their immense talent of crafting a perfect alt-pop song, with their latest single, All Things End. The band commented that it is ‘about the fear of losing someone after they die. It’s about being so in love with someone that you’ll wait for them wherever you go after death, no matter what spiritual plain you end up in.’


The delicate keys, coupled with a gentle guitar riff, set the moody atmosphere, as the haunting yet effortless vocals drift in, holding its listener captive, hanging onto every note. Kickstart the beating drum, and is impossible to not move, from gentle movements to foot stomping. As those moments of tranquillity are reached, the instrumentation comes crashing back in, creating a sense of chaos and destruction, but purely emotive and moving. 


Whilst Jones and Arkle craft the instrumentation, it is Brazill’s voice that elevates the song to whole new level. The song is not just a well-constructed piece, it becomes one with raw emotion, true devotion and belief, to something, to one thing that cannot be placed. The vocals are immense, demonstrating a dynamic range, and truly are captivating.  


For a trio, they have created a song that is rich in texture. A small band with a massive sound, and a lot to say. Whilst you look at the current charts, it is clear to see that these three have more talent than anything on the top forty, and are deserving of recognition. 


With the single set for release on June 5th, you can listen to their phenomenal EP, Backbone, for just a taste of what is to come as the band continues to develop. You must follow Artio on social media; Facebook, and Instagram, as this band will be successful, and will be headlining festivals. Take note of them now before they become mainstream.