'In Conversation With...' is a selection of interviews with musicians and those in the business; whether they are an upcoming artist, or had many years - sometimes decades - in the music business. Click an image to have a read, and see what you discover... 

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In Conversation with... Melanie

Melanie discusses everything from Woodstock to legal battles, from iconic songs, to new material...

In Conversation with... Gered Mankowitz

You may not have heard Gered Mankowitz's name before, but this is the photographer behind many famous album covers; from The Rolling Stones' Between the Buttons to Kate Bush's Lionheart, and of course, the now iconic portraits of Jimi Hendrix. Gered discusses his career within photography, and offers insights to many of the shots we know and love.


In Conversation with... Tjinder Singh (Cornershop)

Cornershop are a band that have far more substance and precedence than just Brimful of Asha. Fighting against the odds to create culturally infused albums, Tjinder Singh discusses his career to date.


In Conversation with... Charlene

From a Beatles fanatic to a recording artist, Charlene opens up about her troubled time in the music industry as well as her personal life, and how her new album is full of sadness from today's society...


In Conversation with... Carol Hodge

Carol Hodge presents us with a Greek tragedy as she discusses her sophomore album, as well as her work with Crass founder Steve Ignorant, and playing with Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts...

In Conversation with... Florence LaRue

Original 5th Dimension member, Florence LaRue, discusses numerous Grammy wins, her relationship with Frank Sinatra, and what's still to come...


In Conversation with... Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean has produced many a top ten single during the eighties, but has also entered A Song for Europe, writes and mixes for other acts, as well as becoming a gay icon. Here, Hazell Dean discusses her career from humble beginnings to the heights of the eighties, and her stand on equality…

In Conversation with... Filthy Tricks

Filthy Tricks' Liam Rimmer and Gerard Van Den Hoek spoke to us about the formation of their band, taking control of your life, and their approach to songwriting...

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In Conversation with... Fern Kinney​

Fern Kinney has spent decades in the music business; from session player to a number one single. Fern talks openly about racism, music, and faith...

In Conversation with... Jim Cregan

Jim Cregan is a legend within the music business. From recording with Cockney Rebel to Rod Stewart, Cregan discusses his career, and his recent band, Cregan and Co...


In Conversation with... Matt McManamon

From The Dead 60s to The Specials, Matt McManamon talks in-depth about his career and new music...

In Conversation with... Rusted Hearts

Ohio based duo, Rusted Hearts, discuss their musical pop-punk journey to the release of their first EP...