"The minute I was old enough to start going to concerts by myself was right around the time I got big into the music scene."

By Cameron Knibbs|May 18th 2020

Feature Image Credit: Andrew Wells

In Conversation With... Rusted Hearts 

Ohio based duo, Rusted Hearts, comprises of Patrick Farmer (of Dead Leaves) and Michael Taddeo (of Motives). Neither of which are strangers to the music scene, creating and working on several EPs and albums with other bands, but now the duo has united under their new moniker, Rusted Hearts, bringing back a wave of pop-punk nostalgia, but with all the energy and excitement you’d expect of the genre. With their first EP, Return Home, already released, the pair recently spoke with us about their influences, their music, and what to look forward to… 



Whilst you are in this lockdown, are there any artists you are currently listening to? 

Farmer: I’ve been really hooked on Jimmy Eat World as of late, also a lot of Armor For


Taddeo: It’s been a lot of Purity Ring, Throttle, Beach House, and ILIVEHERE., for me.


What music would you say influenced you?

Farmer: I listened to A LOT of My Chemical Romance. That really was my first favourite artist – and still is one of my favourites till this day – but I really got my footing in music around the time bands like The Wonder Years, Real Friends, & Knuckle Puck started making music.

Taddeo: I was raised strictly on classic rock and now I love everything, but I am influenced mostly by artists like Throttle and San Holo.

How did you move from just listening to music to creating music? 

Farmer: I was starting a lot of bands with friends, including some early bands with Michael around 2012/2013.

Taddeo: I started playing drums in school when I was 9 and started my first band when I was 12. The minute I was old enough to start going to concerts by myself was right around the time I got big into the music scene.



Michael, you always seem to have a new music project on the go. Are you juggling between multiple bands, or do you see yourself more as a session player?

Taddeo: I definitely don’t see myself as a session player – I’m not good enough for that! I just do what I can when I can, really; just going with the flow and having some fun.



You have both respectively joined bands with traction; Dead Leaves and Motives. Both with different sounds, what led to you two joining together? 

Farmer: Michael has always been one of my best friends and we have been in bands together in the past. I consider Michael as someone I have to make music with. So, no matter how we do it, I’m sure we’ll make it happen.

Taddeo: Pat and I went to the same schools and being a fan of the same music made it easy for us to start playing music together.


Will there still be music from Dead Leaves and Motives?

Farmer: To be determined on Dead Leaves.

Taddeo: Motives just put out a new album in March called Death Throes, which is available to stream and purchase through Smartpunk Records.


Your music is reminiscent of 90s to early 2000s pop-punk. Would you say there is a revival movement of pop-punk, or has it never gone away?

Farmer: I’d say it’s faded out of the limelight it once was firmly postured in, but I don’t think it really died. Like a lot of genres, I think it’ll make waves in and out as more people innovate in the genre or at least keep creating things the listeners enjoy. 

How do you approach writing music?

Farmer: All the songs on Return Home I had demos for about a year that included the music and lyrics, and brought them to Mike to see if he was interested and thankfully he was. I do a lot of the writing of the music and lyrics but I’m trying to start getting everyone involved in the future.

Furthermore, on creation, do you play all the different instruments between you? 

Farmer: On our most recent songs we recorded (that haven’t been released yet), I played guitar and vocals, and Michael played the drums and bass.

How do you recreate this live?

Farmer: We have 2 other members in the band behind the scenes. Nate, who plays drums; and Christian, on 2nd guitar. We couldn’t do this without them, honestly.


Are there any particular songs you are fond of from the released EP?

Farmer: I’d say Knitting is probably my favourite and also the one that has given us the most traction in the grand scheme of things.

Taddeo: My favourite song off the EP is Your Last Winter, but my favourite song we’ve ever made is unreleased…

You have all the intentions of releasing an album. Given the global pandemic we find ourselves in, is there still a release date? 

Farmer: Luckily, we didn’t have a release day set or a plan in place, but what I can say is that we have the final masters for it already and once things look like they’ll be starting up again, we’re going to start getting dates together, but that’s all still kind of blurry at the moment.


As for touring, realistically, when do you think you could be out on the road?

Farmer: I don’t think any artist will be able to tour again until 2021, and that being said I think we’d like to tap into that market once that starts happening. So, we’ll see, but I doubt it will be in 2020. Just once we’re available to get short runs in, I think that’s what we’ll start doing.


There are plenty of fan-bases out there that can easily feed into your music. So, what can fans expect from you guys in the future?

Farmer: We just try to attract genuine people who are kind. Also, I think everyone should expect transparency in the meaning of songs, lyrical content, and just overall thoughts and emotions of the art. We’re planning out some really awesome things right now with some amazing people that believe in us. All I can say about it is that Return Home never really ended, it was just the beginning.

Although new music is en route, you can still stream Rusted Hearts on Spotify. You can also support Rusted Hearts by following them on social media; FacebookTwitter and Instagram, for all the latest announcements.