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"Their cryptic and Delphic air creates a mystery behind them, providing an edge that definitely makes them unique."

By Nathan Copeland|February 5th 2021

Featured Image Credit: Single Cover

Young Hunger - Narcissist | Review

Younger Hunger describe their own music as Lo-fi beats you can’t study to, and that is certainly the case with their latest single, Narcissist - with its heavy beats, polyphonic chorus and rich lyrics. 

The trio consists of Tony Davia, Beckett Edwards and Lucas Connor; who certainly are a force of destruction. Their cryptic and Delphic air creates a mystery behind them, providing an edge that definitely makes them unique. Narcissist is almost a sincere and intimate opening into the soul of the band; yet, it still holds an ambiguous and nonplussed aura that is typical to the band’s previous work. 

The song feels like a crazy party, with overly reverbed, distorted and echoed sounds. Despite this, there is still a soft lyrical basis in contrast with the brash, unnatural sounds. The song is ultimately about wanting to be in someone’s mind, despite whether or not those thoughts are positive or negative. It’s still up to some interpretation, though. Is the song about a smitten lover who wants to do anything to be in their lover’s mind? Or is this song about someone who just lusts after someone else so intensely that they want to be in their minds, for better or for worse? There is a sophisticated choice and combination of words throughout the song that connote a deep connection. “Violin”, “heart strings'' and “play me softly” brings a sense of intimacy and romance, contrasting the stark and violent likes of “pull”, “pin” and “pluck”. There is a see-saw between love and hate that is intertwined within the fabrics of the song. 

This is of course the beginning of a new chapter for the band, with aims and hopes to release their new EP in early spring this year. Exciting things are surely on the horizon for this indie LA trio, if their EP is anything like the genius of Narcissist

You can listen to Narcissist here, and whilst you’re at it, check out their socials over on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for all the details and news from the upcoming Younger Hunger.